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Online brand guidelines & toolkit

Exclusive to Toward clients

Say goodbye to outdated, inconsistent, disorganised and static PDF brand guidelines. Say hello to OurBrand, delivered as part of every brand project by Toward. All your brand assets in one place, always up to date, available anywhere and flexible enough to change with your business.

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PDF brand guidelines were a product of their time. Big, one-off brand projects that were expected to stay the same for a decade required equally big, static documents to help ensure brand consistency.

But that’s not how brands work today. Brands need to be flexible, fluid and adaptable to the world around them and the businesses they represent. They need to be accessible to lots of people in lots of places. Our Brand is an online platform that stores all your brand assets and gives you the tools and guidance to make sure your brand always looks its best, no matter how much it evolves.

Screenshot of the OurBrand client dashboard page. Page shows a grid of 'tile' components that link to each section of the brand guidelines. Each tile has a thumbnail image depicting the content in that section.

Next generation brand guidelines

  • Expert guidance

    Your OurBrand portal is your instruction manual for how to treat your brand and get the most out of it. Written by our brand experts at Toward.

  • Resource library

    No more folders, expiring download links or outdated docs. All your brand assets are stored on OurBrand, and can be accessed by anyone you choose.

  • Always up to date

    OurBrand is online, so can be updated instantly as your brand or campaigns change throughout the year.

  • Available anywhere

    OurBrand works on desktop and mobile devices so no matter where you are, you have instant access (internet connection required).

  • Grows with you

    Businesses shouldn’t stay the same. Nor should brands. OurBrand can scale with your business, adding pages, sections, downloads and resources.

  • Ideal for marketing teams

    Internal teams can quickly access all the files and guidance they need to ensure your brand communications are consistent and creative.

Privacy you control

You can choose to leave your OurBrand accessible to all, or add password protection so only specified users can access it.

Screenshot depicting a password-protected page on a mobile device. The client logo sits at the top of the screen, followed by a password field, which has been filled. A login button sits below the password field.

What’s included in OurBrand?

  • Logo

    Guidance on logo use, construction, application, clearspace, colour, size and restrictions.

  • Colour

    Selectable colour references, swatches and application examples.

  • Typography

    References, guidance, licencing information and examples of your brand typography.

  • Brand Documentation

    Examples and guidance on creating and maintaining your brand documents, from word templates and powerpoints to digital brochures and presentations.

  • Internal Culture

    A central place to keep your values, mission and brand documents for internal use.

  • Language & Tone

    Examples and guidance for your tone of voice and how you communicate in written communications.

  • Application Examples

    A great source of inspiration—examples of how the brand was intended to be applied during its conception. Great for igniting new ideas.

  • Downloadable Resources

    In each section of OurBrand you can upload resources such as logo files, graphic elements, presentations and documents. These are all available in the Resources section.

  • Make OurBrand Yours

    Once OurBrand has been set up you can add whatever you like to it, using the simple but powerful admin area. New sections and pages? No problem. New examples and downloads? Go for it.

How companies use OurBrand

  • Manage branding internally
  • Collaborate with partners
  • Guidance for suppliers
  • Educating your team
  • Maintaining your brand resources
  • Improving brand consistency
  • Centralised brand assets
A screenshot depicting one of the main brand guideline pages. The title 'Digital Applications' sits at the top of the screen, followed by a block of text and some images showing how a company's logo looks on the home screen of an Apple iPhone.